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i'm a film student from yale and when i was given the opportunity to work on what sounded like a really interesting production, i jumped at the chance. Little did i know how "interesting" it would be. Along side all the experts i've been speaking to, i've also seen a guy who sets himself on fire for a living! there's been clowns walking around the house, spacemen, evil pirate toilet rolls and a pig lady.
I don't envy the teams who have to actually make real profesional films from this although i would definately give it a go if they were to run it again.
The house is amazing, from the themed bedrooms to the 85 acres of land, so the teams are not short for props of locations.
As a runner you get to see a lot of whats happening and inbetween fetching props and making tea i've seen some great things.
Can't wait to see the finished products on saturday, if i were you i'd come too, it's guaranteed to be a great night!

Sioned x