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octopus apocalyptiness

Hello! I'm Martin of Octopus Apocalypse and, as you may or may not be unfortunate enough to see, my team won the silly hats and wigs restriction in a rather complicated board game involving carrots and cabbages and buying cabbages with carrots. On the first day our prizes were a hd camera, a cinematographer and a lighting specialist, so we got a lot done. We're right smack-bang in the middle of editing together a rough cut and shooting the final scenes of our epic masterwork. These aren't FINAL final scenes, however, as tonight we play for more restrictions and may very well end up having to write in characters for a half dozen drama students and a farm animal. We're all having a cracking time - especially Chris, who got ambushed and turned into a clown. We're thoroughly knackered but nonetheless excited about making a film that actually LOOKS like a film, and not some choppy black and white home movie. The experts are awesome in their helpfulness and the house is very cool in a Resident Evil kinda way.

And that's about that really. We must leave and make ourselves dead. And Chris wants to get his face painted like a bumble bee. See ya.