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The Floor Manager's First Blog

I can't believe it's Thursday already. This is the first moment I've had to put something onto the blog.

This project is just brilliant, I can't believe that its actually happening. When Iwan and Dom first outlined this plan to me last year I seem to remember laughing. Of course I said I'd help, I thought there was no chance of it actually coming off!!!!!

So now I find myself in this amazing house, surrounded by some really inspiring people who are actually shooting films under all sorts of creative restrictions.

While I'm not sure exactly what the story lines are that the teams are actually filming from yesterday it seems we have the following:

a spaceman falls to earth, and then bursts into flames.

there was some sort of teenage sexual issue being filmed in the greenhouse

an unhappy wife was clensing the house of her husbands possessions

and the bedrooms and stairs were full of smoke and red lighting for a horror flick

Clowns, actors, smoke, lights, camera - ROLLING


Q burning man

That for me was the highlight of my day. I cant believe we had a burning man stunt yesterday.

Your going to have to come to the premiere of these films on Saturday night if you want to know how these films turn out

I'll try and find time later to let you know what else gets filmed today