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Shooting outside with Have Wings Will Fly

Here's the team working outside, getting some fresh air...


Meanwhile, out in the greenhouse...

Degawdawns were spotted assembling a zoo in the greenhouse. They assure us that no animals will be harmed during the production of their film. Unless it's crucial to preserving artistic integrity and creative vision.


Girls From Yale College

Hey! We are the drama students from Yale. We are all studying a national diploma in Performing Arts. We were asked on Monday if we would like to be part of this project and we all thought it would be a really good experience for us, we had never been on film before and considering the career we hope to go into decided it was a great opportunity.



i'm an actor from Yale college in wrexham in my first year doing a BTEC Performing Arts course and am here to experience filming and well...i say, this week has been such a cool experience for me. I was told on Monday that i could come here and act for the filmakers here, if i was interested. So i said yes of course because what i want to do is go into acting in films after i've left yale college. we arrived here at 9.00 on wednesday morning not having a clue what we had been put up for but were welcomed by everyone we met.


Am le!

Dw i ddim yn hollol siwr sut dw i'n fod i deimlo o fod yma. Y teimlad cynta' gesh i wrth fusnesu yn stafelloedd y plasty oedd "Waw!" Ond mae'n debyg fod yna rywbeth eitha' 'pretentious' mewn clamp o dy mawreddog efo thema i bob 'stafell?..'Blue room', 'Oriental room', 'Pw room'...Dwn im. Ond fedr neb ddadlau fod y lle yma'n dipyn o hwyl ac yn corddi ryw deimlad o fod ar set ffilm. Er, mae'r holl anifeiliaid wedi stwffio yn dipyn o cliche. Y profiad mwya' bisar hyd yn hyn oedd clywed un boi yn dweud yn hollol onest pa mor despret ydy o i fod yn enwog.


Leaking of my Secrets

So today I discovered during one of my little chats with the lovely Eilir of Degawdawns, that our secret diary room sessions have been posted on this site!
This is an outrageous intrusion of my privacy and I have sent orders to have the culprit sought out and immediately punished.
All sneaky leaks of film from my boudoir have been removed and will not appear until after the teams vacate Trevor Hall.


Floor managers blog

This morning is a bit calmer. I'm sitting in the kitchen with a mug of tea. A team of actors has just arrived and is being allocated to the teams that have 'won' them.

Well in the time I've been trying to type this my day is hotting up. We have camera power leads that need purchasing, filming is starting to happen, experts need resources, the zombie master needs some candles.........


*Really* excited!

Good morning everybody!

I'm really excited today, and up early. I just can't stop myself telling you about all the restrictions the teams will have today.

Octopus Apocalypse, the lovely people with the strange horror film, are on the Ground floor. They've got one drama student as an actor, but today they have up to five more actors! That's becaues they're allowed to swap team members with Degawdawns, and use them in their film. I'm really looking forward to asking them later what they've done. Oh yes, and Octopus have also got Dom's lovely cardigan to film today!


As quiet as a mouse

Twenty to seven in the morning, Friday. I've been sleeping in the main Reali Institute control room, kept warm by the buzz of laptops and recharging camera batteries. I've just been and reboot all the webcams (link on the left of every page). Along with a dodgy computer hack yesterday, to reload the website update script automatically every five minutes in case it crashed, this means they're all now working. Yay!


Its All About Games



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