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Rules of Zombie

After three days of board, card and dexterity games, I decided a while ago that the last day needed something special. The teams would be exhausted (they are), and in need of time for their editing. And a change.


Naughty Naughty

This afternoon it came to my attention that one of the teams has behaved really really badly today. It did seem that I would have no choice but to disqualify them outright! But it's my birthday today, and everyone has been so nice to me, singing me songs, playing the whistle for me and giving me cake.


Tired Floor Manager :s

Its sometime past 9 and I'm feeling weary. There are 6 of us in the production office and we're still a way of being done.

While we're tired though I think the teams are also feeling it and they've got a much longer night ahead of them. The editing has begun for real. Many of the team members are expecting an all nighter.

Its not going to be easy editing either and much will rely on it. Done well it will tie the films together and provide cohesion. That might win them the public vote and the glory that will come with that.



Today the teams final game was a wide game called Zombies devised by our games master Frances and took place throughout the hall.


Zombies Invade Trevor Hall


What the...


Group Photos!

The whole Really Restrictive Shorts Crew at Trevor Hall! (Well, maybe half of them anyway)

From both the front and back. For easy identification at a distance.


Jacqui's Blog

I'm Jacqui and I've been a performer on the really restrictive shorts project. every evening the teams have had the chance to win me or other performers to be in their film the following day. I've worked with three of the four teams- so all except octopus.


Octopus Apocalypse in the Dining Room

Ffion from Degawdawns making a guest appearance...

Shooting the big cardigan scene! "Hey! There


Fruitcake in the Richard Clayderman suite

All action in the music room - Nurse Jacqui struts her stuff!
All performers must be at least this tall.



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