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Rhyming couplet


Teams quiet, crew tense

The teams all seem quite calm and relaxed. The house is very quiet today, with no performance artists, drama students, experts or documentary crews. Everyone is good natured, industrious and friendly. They've bedded in, and become friends over the week.


How many people edit in each team

It's struck me today how different the editing styles are of the four teams, in terms of how many people they have next to the computer.

Fruitcake only ever have one person operating the computer alone, and that is either Sandra or Luise. They take it in turns. Sometimes the others come to visit, but I haven't seen them staying for a long time.


Photos of editing


Final Days Editing

Ben and I just went and had a quick chat with all the teams to see what's happening. The teams have a sharp 5pm deadline to hand over the tapes of their final cut.

Luke from Have Wings was up until 7:30am. He got the rough cut done, that he wanted to finish before sleeping. The girls then woke up and fiddled with what he did, which he had to put back when he woke up at 11am (actually, he kept some improvements). Now they're polishing and polishing. They've got lots of changes they want to make, so have had to prioritise to do the important ones first.


Last Days Editing


Last day!

I was kept up really late last night by Have Wings, who won the most special of special restrictions today. I'll tell you about it in a moment.

After the big zombie game yesterday, I gave the teams a really generous set of restrictions. A big softy, I am. First off, they all got a efw music CDs, but the catch is they have to use some of the music from one of the CDs in their film.

Fruitcakes have Joel making drum noises today, which they have to put in their film. Expect whistling in Degawdawns film, they've got whistling expert Mark to help out.


Finale night

Octopus Apocalypse here, we've got a bit of time before unit call so we figured we'd come and babble about Finale night. People are actually going to see the film we've made tonight which should be interesting. As a result of the big zombie game last night we'll be showing our film second tonight, which we're quite happy about. We've still got a bit of work ahead of us to be ready for tonight,need to make sure we've got a cut that makes sense and we still have to come up with a name! We should really be on our way to unit call. See you tonight.


Finale Night Stage Manager- Morning cup of tea

I'm at home and it feels a bit weird not being at the house this morning.

I've just been surfing the net (the internet connection here is actually fast enough to do that, the one at the house makes it feel like wading through really really gloopy thick mud) and I found this on the bbc news site


Late night webcamming

Follow the link to the Webcams (left hand side of every page) to see how late people are up editing. The bottom right camera shows the main editing room. You can see fruitcake in the bottom left, have wings on the right (just - I think Luke is off screen to the right) and degawdawn straight ahead.

Also, here at Real HQ we've decided to turn our Internet spying medicine onto ourselves. The top right camera is in the heart of our top secret headquarters. You'll be able to see Dom, Chris and Iwan (well his hand) working away on plans for tomorrow evening's grand finale.



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