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Website Failure

Apologies to all, something horribly technical happened with our people who look after this website. All the information was lost and no back up available, so this site was not available to you all for a while.
We now have new technical people looking after us, and we've have all the most of the information reconstructed here. I'm told we will have almost everything back in place before too long, and in Welsh too.


Finale is over :(

I'm in the office of the Pavilion, Llangollen, about to pack away my computer and I thought I'd just post a quick good bye.

Its 23:27 and its all over. What a week. I've met some great people, the kind of people I just wouldn't normally come into contact with. I've been on a real rollercoster of an adventure with them and we've shared a big experience together. That will be something that lasts a long time.

The bands wrapping up, there's a lot to do to get it all into cars and out of here. I really fancy a beer

Good night




That's it!
All the teams have finished their films!

4 Tiny little DV tapes

Degawdawns came through with flying colours, and handed in their film with a minute to spare.

All other teams had last minute unforseen technical problems. Which we really should have forseen. But we did have enough slack time that everyone got there in the end!

So, we're all off to Llangollen for the Really Restrictive Shorts' Caberet Finale!


Three minutes left!

We're ready to beat the gong, and turn the power off in the editing room.

Then the teams have to do a little ceremony to present their final cut tape to Gemima's representatiev.


And octopus

Weather is starting to feel stormy. Rain and dusk. Wind smashing against the windows of the house in gusts.

Martin and Paul from Octopus Apocalypse were over in the office in the other building, doing the credits for their film. The other two weren't in sight. So, quite relaxed. I think I heard them saying they were going to make sure they credited the Real Institute, so we're happy :)

Just 10 minutes to go!


Last minutes

Craig has just given the teams the 20 minute warning, and explained that they must hand over a digital tape of the film at 5pm, not just have finished editing the film on their computer then. This means that if they have a 10 minute film, they have to start transfering it to the tape by at the very very latest 4:50pm.

Atmosphere in there is still surprisingly calm. Sara from Have Wings just asked me for the surnames of all the drama students who appear in their film, but alas I didn't know. They're typing in the credits, and the cast list is now first names only.


Editing room, just over half an hour to go

Fruitcakes on the left, Degawdawn in the middle, Have Wings on the right. (Octopus are in the outbuilding, and it's too cold for us to go out :)


Iwan reports from the editing room

I just asked Iwan what the atmosphere is like in the editing suite.

"It's getting tense. Room's full of the teams. All there just praying that their computers don't crash last minute. Editing bits like trimmings on top of the cake, that will add the extra sparkle to their workk. There is an occasional glare of panic on their faces. And the next minute they're quite relaxed and know what they're doing and feel in control. Sometimes people turn to me and say 'I've got a name for my film!' then the next minute say they haven't any more.


Tarnished by rain

Degawdawns are in the Music Room recording sound effects. Matt holds the mike, Eilir bangs out chords on the almost unusable piano, while Julie blows more or less in rhythm on a little posthorn. Ffion's tinklings on a recorder are more or less drowned. They are recording, it is clear, for a wild, dramatic scene.


Joel drumming

Fruitcakes have the restriction of having to use Joel's drumming in their film. Here's Myk directing Joel to get just the right noise.



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