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i'm an actor from Yale college in wrexham in my first year doing a BTEC Performing Arts course and am here to experience filming and well...i say, this week has been such a cool experience for me. I was told on Monday that i could come here and act for the filmakers here, if i was interested. So i said yes of course because what i want to do is go into acting in films after i've left yale college. we arrived here at 9.00 on wednesday morning not having a clue what we had been put up for but were welcomed by everyone we met. we then met our filming crue for the day 'Have Wings, Will Fly', and they were extremely welcoming and a very nice group of people and lots of fun and i enjoyed working with them the whole time. we were told to come back the next day as we would probably be we did at the same time in the morning again not knowing what was wanted of us. this time we were with the 'Degawdawns', who had what i thought was a really wild idea for a film and they were just as welcoming introducing themselves and telling us what they want to explore with their idea. now its friday and these three days here have just gone and soon i'll be old if time doesn't slow down...but for today we are back with 'Have Wings, Will Fly' and are carrying on from what we did on wednesday and are finishing the film. the first two days were here were very mega and jam packed with the rush of this atmosphere really flying...and today hasn't been so much...but i think that i'm used to the rush now and all the cameras that are hovering around everywhere each day. i have really loved this week and its really boosted my confidence to go into acting in films and i really can't wait for that time to happen. thanks for reading!!! will miss you all james