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Tired Floor Manager :s

Its sometime past 9 and I'm feeling weary. There are 6 of us in the production office and we're still a way of being done.

While we're tired though I think the teams are also feeling it and they've got a much longer night ahead of them. The editing has begun for real. Many of the team members are expecting an all nighter.

Its not going to be easy editing either and much will rely on it. Done well it will tie the films together and provide cohesion. That might win them the public vote and the glory that will come with that.

I've just finished the final call sheet. It all wraps up at 10am on Sunday with a "teary good bye to all our teams"

But thats a long way away, we've got the finale coming up, we're going to get to see the films our teams have produced. I'm really looking forward to seeing them. I've seen a couple of snipets on the edit screens and its all looking good.

See you tomorrow