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Rules of Zombie

After three days of board, card and dexterity games, I decided a while ago that the last day needed something special. The teams would be exhausted (they are), and in need of time for their editing. And a change.

My friend Francis Davey suggested "Zombies", the favourite of his games which he invented in the school playground. It starts with a large group of people as humans, and a few zombies. The zombies can only walk, whereas the humans can run. When a zombie touches a human, they grab their shoulder and lead them to the Zombie Master's lair. The Zombie Master performs a dark ritual, and turns them into a zombie. The new zombie goes out hunting for human flesh, helping the other zombies. Thus it gets easier and easier for the zombies and harder and harder for the humans with time.

Sabine, Iwan, and Jacqui did a great job dressing up the pool room to look like a zombie master's lair. Life candles, skulls, fairy lights, and Mark in torn bandages and suit.

I had great fun planning surprising the players. I led people to believe all week that there would be four boardgames on the Friday, as usual. When we went into the smoking room for teams to choose their players today, I continued the pretence, and they chose 4 players for the first Race game Zombies. Jacqui, adjudicator of the pretend board game, took the unlucky people out of the room. A few seconds later there was screaming, and Jacqui rushed back in!

I wasn't completely happy with the hammy conversation we then both improvised, but it did the job. Jacqui explained that a zombie had caught all the team players. Someone asked "can we go and see?", and I said "no, but you can run away! They all leapt up, ready to run. "Today's game is Zombies, it is a game for 16 players". You could feel the joy in the room, no boring boardgames tonight!

I explained the rules, but everyone was egging me on so much to explain them, that I went too quickly, and had to start again for the French speakers from Fruitcake. By this time everyone was practically bursting out of the door. It was like winding up a clock.

"Run run run!"

It was fun walking round the house watching the game, as you can see from the photos Joel took in the two posts linked below. The first capture I saw was two zombies capturing two humans in a pincer movement through the two entries of a bedroom / bathroom complex.

Sara from Have Wings tried to hide in the full size Dalek in the bathroom. She couldn't climb in, so she got on a chair and Matt from Degawdawn lifted her in. She was so well hidden, and was trapped, couldn't get out by herself. Eventually Matt was turned into a zombie, and came back and captured her.

The last human standing, Elaine, had hidden all the time behind a curtain in her bedroom. It took even 15 other zombies quite a while to find her. The house was a perfect size for the number of players.

Photos of Zombies 1, Photos of Zombies 2