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*Really* excited!

Good morning everybody!

I'm really excited today, and up early. I just can't stop myself telling you about all the restrictions the teams will have today.

Octopus Apocalypse, the lovely people with the strange horror film, are on the Ground floor. They've got one drama student as an actor, but today they have up to five more actors! That's becaues they're allowed to swap team members with Degawdawns, and use them in their film. I'm really looking forward to asking them later what they've done. Oh yes, and Octopus have also got Dom's lovely cardigan to film today!

Degawdawns, those sweet documentors of marital failure and fire breathing transvestites, have the outbuildings to film in today. They can have all the scary people from Octopus as actors if they want. Although quite who the sweet, soft gorilla (he's called Myrddin) will be married to, I don't know.

Fruit cakes, delicious cinematographers of astronaut surrealism, are in the bedrooms today, with Jacqui and one drama student. They've got a costume expert as well. But the best thing is my special! They're not allowed to film any dialogue in the morning, or any human arms in the afternoon.

Finally, Have Wings, those gorgeous dissectors of sexual pressure and sexual depravity, have all of the grounds to film in today. And I think it might be good weather! I've generously let them have *loads* of actors - Mark and FOUR drama students. Well (between you and me only) I think one can't turn up, and they're only going to get three. But either way, I think there's going to be some Mathematics in their film, I do!

I'm really looking forwarde to having a little chat with Degawdawns at 9am. And I'm a bit grumpy, as there's something everyone's forgotten. And I don't just mean that NONE of them are up yet. Might have to do something about that as well.