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As quiet as a mouse

Twenty to seven in the morning, Friday. I've been sleeping in the main Reali Institute control room, kept warm by the buzz of laptops and recharging camera batteries. I've just been and reboot all the webcams (link on the left of every page). Along with a dodgy computer hack yesterday, to reload the website update script automatically every five minutes in case it crashed, this means they're all now working. Yay!

I saw nobody else up, there's just the rattle of the wind and gentle storm outside. It doesn't sound as ferocious as the night before. Breakfast is at 7am, and is in the Kitchen right next to this control room.

Last night's boardgames went well - they all ended quickly for one thing! It's surprised me the ferocity of competition in some games. If you play a game at home, even to win, you don't ever quite take it completely seriously. Some previous nights, games I previously thought of as quite light and breezy have taken on a long, drawn out turn. This didn't happen last night - partly because the competitors arelaye more relaxed, and partly because, I reckon, they've got used to the capricious whims of Gemima changing the tide of their film, and they've worked out how to deal with it artistically.

So, as usual, they played four games. Philosopher's Football was a quirky and unusual strategy game played on a Go board. Bluff a gamblers game, where you have to bet on the number of dice under everyone's cup. Ave Caesar a chariot race, where you have to hail the emperor at least once within the 3 laps. If you don't he slits your throat, even if you won! (Luckily, the teams were all very devout, as we didn't want to get blood on the real wood floor).

Finally the most fun was Loopin' Louie, the dexterity game, which I'm leaving out for people to play in their free time. Stop the whirling, swirling, battery-driven arm with plane pilot Louie from stealing your chickens.

Check out Joel's super slide of people's faces while playing the game in Its All About Games, the post just below.