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Naughty Naughty

This afternoon it came to my attention that one of the teams has behaved really really badly today. It did seem that I would have no choice but to disqualify them outright! But it's my birthday today, and everyone has been so nice to me, singing me songs, playing the whistle for me and giving me cake.

Degawdawns are the guilty team. They used something they shouldn't have done! Some would call it stealing, but as I say, I'm feeling unusually mellow this evening. They took a light that they shouldn't have had. It was only a cheap light, but it was in its box in the equipment room, and was it in the equipment they had been allocated? It was not. And the project is Really Restrictive Shorts, not Fairly Restrictive Shorts Where You Can Ignore The Restrictions If You Like. (Also, as it happens, they broke the light.) So I had to call them in and tell them off.

In the end, I made them eat dinner with their hands tied to each other's in a row. I think they got off lightly, considering that dinner was a curry which each of them only needed one hand to eat. Maybe their punishment should have been heavier, but unfortunately, under this steely exterior, I'm just a big softy.