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Last minutes

Craig has just given the teams the 20 minute warning, and explained that they must hand over a digital tape of the film at 5pm, not just have finished editing the film on their computer then. This means that if they have a 10 minute film, they have to start transfering it to the tape by at the very very latest 4:50pm.

Atmosphere in there is still surprisingly calm. Sara from Have Wings just asked me for the surnames of all the drama students who appear in their film, but alas I didn't know. They're typing in the credits, and the cast list is now first names only.

Degawdawns seem to still be tweaking scenes - they were talking about the climax of the film, and having a copy of some other part there. Couldn't quite make it out.

Fruitcake are in hushed silence. All looking at the screen. Arms round each others shoulders. One clicking the mouse.

I'm going to brave the weather to check out Octopus Apocalypse.