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Last day!

I was kept up really late last night by Have Wings, who won the most special of special restrictions today. I'll tell you about it in a moment.

After the big zombie game yesterday, I gave the teams a really generous set of restrictions. A big softy, I am. First off, they all got a efw music CDs, but the catch is they have to use some of the music from one of the CDs in their film.

Fruitcakes have Joel making drum noises today, which they have to put in their film. Expect whistling in Degawdawns film, they've got whistling expert Mark to help out.

Octopus won Iwan to give bird noise impressions. I thought this was the hardest restriction, as to be honest, Iwan isn't the most avian of twitterers. But no, Octopus just take new restrictions in their stride these days "That'll go for our night scene".

The teams also won something else really really important. It's for the Really Restrictive Shorts' Cabaret Finale tonight! The game has decided who has top billing, and gets their film played as the climax of the evening! I'm not going to tell you who it is, though.

Finally, the bestest bestest restriction is the one that's given me bags under my eyes this morning. Have Wings won the last audience with me in my diary room at 11:30pm. They had to record my voice and use it in their film. I've never been a film star before!

So make sure you come along tonight, and see my special performance.