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Iwan reports from the editing room

I just asked Iwan what the atmosphere is like in the editing suite.

"It's getting tense. Room's full of the teams. All there just praying that their computers don't crash last minute. Editing bits like trimmings on top of the cake, that will add the extra sparkle to their workk. There is an occasional glare of panic on their faces. And the next minute they're quite relaxed and know what they're doing and feel in control. Sometimes people turn to me and say 'I've got a name for my film!' then the next minute say they haven't any more.

"It will be panic within the next 20 minutes.

"Fruitcake (on SVHS), there was a fear they couldn't get there film off the computer at all. There was talk about workarounds like taking the hard drive out. But in the end we and they have found out a way of making it work. Touch wood in the next 35 minutes we'll be able to get their film out in the tape and officialy submit it to Really Restrictive Shorts."