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How many people edit in each team

It's struck me today how different the editing styles are of the four teams, in terms of how many people they have next to the computer.

Fruitcake only ever have one person operating the computer alone, and that is either Sandra or Luise. They take it in turns. Sometimes the others come to visit, but I haven't seen them staying for a long time.

Have Wings most experienced editor is Luke. He does most of the editing alone, because then he can make decisions his experience knows are correct without the others doubting them. Elaine, Bethan and Sara sometimes mess with it when he's asleep. At the moment he's editing and they're watching him.

Degawdawns edit two at a time. Julie with Ffion, or Matthew with Eliir. So, just before lunch the two girls had finished an assembly edit (that's an early stage, with a framework of the film). While they were eating, the two boys were busily working on the rough cut (a version you could watch as a film and it would make sense, but that needs lots of polish). I hope they finish on time...

Octopus are the most surprising. They all edit together, the four in front of the screen. And all of them have taken turns operating the computer during these sessions, although Geoff doesn't like to do so and hasn't much.

I asked them how they manage to all edit together. Paul explained that this was for two reasons. They're all equally inexperienced, so they wouldn't have the same problem Luke has when editing with his teammates. And they all like the same thing - they all have the same creative vision. Paul said that if they were in a different team, they'd do the editing differently.