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Girls From Yale College

Hey! We are the drama students from Yale. We are all studying a national diploma in Performing Arts. We were asked on Monday if we would like to be part of this project and we all thought it would be a really good experience for us, we had never been on film before and considering the career we hope to go into decided it was a great opportunity.
On Wednesday we were with 'Have Wings' they made us feel really connected with the piece and welcomed our ideas and input. They made us feel really comfortable and were brilliant to work with. :] It would be a pleasure to work with them again because they had both a professional and fun attitude to the project.
On Thursday we were with the 'Degawdawns' in the grounds. It was freezing cold but we had a laugh and a giggle. This group was very professional and there were countless takes of set-ups. We got extremely muddy and are now covered in cuts and bruises, all part of the experience!!
We are all really looking forward to seeing all the films om Saturday and hope it goes well for all four teams. Good luck to everyone!
And thanks for allowing us all to be part of this excellent project
Katy, Leanne, Laura and Ruth