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Floor managers blog

This morning is a bit calmer. I'm sitting in the kitchen with a mug of tea. A team of actors has just arrived and is being allocated to the teams that have 'won' them.

Well in the time I've been trying to type this my day is hotting up. We have camera power leads that need purchasing, filming is starting to happen, experts need resources, the zombie master needs some candles.........

Yesterday was another day of bizzare images, an aristocratic pink pig with a hell of a cleavage, a seagull doing a weather forecast, a series of corpses in the kitchen drinking tea, one of the bedrooms had some sort of fetish scenario going on (Jacqui's a bit worried about how her mum's going to take that one!!!!) and a fire breathing transvestite up in the menage chasing people.

Filming is now going ahead full bore, I'm going to have to go. Noise is a really big issue in the house and I need to ensure we lock it down properly during takes so that the teams get the shots they want without any background noise. Its our last day filming today so there's a lot at stake

Hopefully see you tomorrow at the pavillion