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Final Days Editing

Ben and I just went and had a quick chat with all the teams to see what's happening. The teams have a sharp 5pm deadline to hand over the tapes of their final cut.

Luke from Have Wings was up until 7:30am. He got the rough cut done, that he wanted to finish before sleeping. The girls then woke up and fiddled with what he did, which he had to put back when he woke up at 11am (actually, he kept some improvements). Now they're polishing and polishing. They've got lots of changes they want to make, so have had to prioritise to do the important ones first.

Fruitcake have a rough cut, and Sandra was busy editing away. They seem happy with how things are going. But very busy, and I didn't have a long chat with them. Chris says they've got little blocks of edits very well done, but the whole thing doesn't link up yet.

Degawdawns think they will have their rough cut at lunchtime. They woke up fresh from a nights sleep with new ideas, but have been limited by their iMovie editing software. They have to be quite final and direct about their edits because of this, but think that that feel will fit in well with the gritty mood of the film.

Octopus Apocalypse have their editing suite in the Trefor Hall's owner's office slightly down the hill. They can't edit late at night, so instead were just watching the film Jackie Brown until 1:15am this morning. Very relaxed! They've basically got a final cut of the video. But the sound is rubbish, so today they're recording and editing in lots of sounds.

We're all really excited about seeing the films tonight!